Strollin' 4 Peace

On Saturday, June 6, 2020 a peaceful march supporting the Black Lives Matter movement began in Spudder Park and marched down 7th Street to the Wichita County Courthouse. The WF LWV was asked to be available to register voters and was pleased to register dozens of new voters and hand out many mail in applications. League activity is approved to take place at non-partisan peaceful protests and though the heat was blistering and we are in the midst of a global pandemic, the WF LWV put on our masks, got out the hand sanitizer and went to work. There were religious and community leaders, including the Chief of Police Manuel Borrego, that spoke at the beginning and end of the event and with the exception of one heckler it was a very calm event.

As we enter a presidential election year with the weight of the Coronavirus bearing down on us, the WF chapter will be looking to the State and National Leagues for guidance on how to execute the important work of registering and informing voters when our usual activities may not be safe. We will continue to work with our local supporters and try to think of new ways to approach executing our mission.

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